Kimberley Thorne

Kimberley Thorne excels at selling luxury homes in all of Toronto's diverse neighborhoods.

As a representative of some of Toronto’s finest homes Kimberley’s elegance, sincerity and knowledge knows no boundaries. She has an undeniable fortitude that is bundled around passion, sturdy ethics and love of her family and of her life’s work. It’s no surprise then that this winning combination has led her on a path to a vast number of rewarding relationships.

A seasoned Sales Representative for over 18 years at Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage she is greatly respected by her clients and colleagues and this is evidenced by her repeat business and ongoing referrals that have garnered her impressive success for all those that come in contact with her.

The combined efforts of Kimberley & Harvey Kalles Real Estate and their exclusive affiliation with the Board of Regents Luxury Homes creates an extraordinary opportunity to bring together sellers and buyers of luxury real estate around Toronto and the globe.

INSPIRE – Committed to challenging industry tradition Kimberley projects a forward-thinking approach and progressive outlook when it comes to the level of service you deserve and her objective is to be a leader, to innovate and inspire by providing the ultimate real estate experience with a direct focus on customer service and satisfaction.

INFORM – She intimately knows and specializes in all urban Toronto neighborhoods, each of them different in leading-edge architecture, designed-based condos/lofts and neighbourhoods with unique attitudes and personalities. It is your right to be absolutely informed as a client.

INNOVATE Driven to create new ways of approaching real estate to make it the best experience for our clients we are always using both traditional and non-traditional methods to reach many different niche markets. We are motivated to bring you unique services and to anticipate your ever-changing lifestyle needs.

GIVING BACK She believes one must make it a priority to have a social conscience and give back to the community. Among the many charities she works for, she has adopted the “Walk for Breast Cancer” as one of her causes. She features their logos in advertising and on all her company's related web sites in hopes to further their efforts to raise money in this cause that is close to her heart.

Kimberley Thorne is a “ Distinguished Member of the Chairman’s Club” and a Sales Representative at Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage and can be contacted at 416 441 2888 or by email: